About us

Do you remember the days, not too long ago, when everything was fresher? When everything was cooked with fresh, healthy ingredients, without additives and preservatives?

After all, if Grandma's dishes were so good they were good for a reason. And above all, if the tartines and sandwiches that grandma prepared for us when we were little had that extra little something, there’s a good reason for that too.

Le Carrée Boulanger is a story of a dream. A dream to offer our family and children quality, fresh and local bread delivered to their home. A dream to introduce our children to the tartines and sandwiches that Grandma made for us.

Le Carrée Boulanger is also a story of madness. The madness to offer the people of Montreal a quality bread, handmade by our craftsmen, without chemical additives and without preservatives all at the price of industrial bread ... and delivered!

Yes, we are crazy! We are crazy about our job! We are crazy about our bread and we can't wait to take you back to your childhood.